Bagmati Action Plan

  • Project: Preparation of Bagmati Action Plan
  • Client: High Powered Committee for Integrated Development of Bagmati Civilization
  • Location: Kathmandu
  • Date: Ongoing

Bagmati is the largest river system in the Kathmandu Valley comprising 57 rivers and rivulets as its tributaries. There are many heritage sites and traditional settlements on its bank that are rich with numerous tangible and intangible heritages, collectively termed as ‘Bagmati Civilization’. One of the significant sites is the Pashupatinath temple area, which is enlisted as a World Heritage site. Bagmati, the holy river of the Hindus and a major source of water for the Kathmandu Valley, has been polluted due to human actions such as settlement along the river, unplanned urbanization in river basin and disposal of untreated sewage and solid waste into the river system. Joint initiation of citizen and government to make Bagmati a pollution free river resulted in formation of a high-powered Committee for Implementation & Monitoring of Environmental Improvement in Pashupati Area back in 2051 B.S., which is now functioning as High- Powered Committee for Integrated Development of Bagmati Civilization (HPCIDBC).

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Overall Services provided by firm

  • Establish GIS based inventory system

    • Acquire a high-resolution GIS map of the entire Bagmati river system within the area of HPCIDBC jurisdiction.

    • Prepare complete inventory of existing infrastructures, tangible and intangible heritages related to Bagmati river system

    • Prepare GIS based land mapping of Bagmati river system and other major rivers of the Kathmandu valley in consultation with the HPCIDBC office.

  • Conduct geo-technical studies and prepare hydrological model of the river system

    • Conduct geo-technical studies of HPCIDBC coverage area including soil patterns

    • Conduct detail hydrological study of the river system of the Kathmandu Valley

    • Prepare a digital hydrological 3-D model of the river system with consideration of critical return periods 

    • Recommend required Right of River ways considering optimum return period and other planning and building by-laws based on the hydrological studies

    • Suggest necessary actions to maintain river flow and control flood risk/hazards

  • Develop new Action Plan

    • Review current Bagmati Action Plan and its implementation status and validate activities undertaken by HPCIDBC post 2014 till date

    • Identify constraints and challenges in implementing current BAP

    • Identify stakeholders and conduct number of stakeholder meetings to identify current need and course of actions for new BAP

    • Suggest measures to cope with climate change issues within the river system

    • Identify potential development areas and model of land development and develop

    • Recommend Operation and Maintenance plan of built infrastructures and other Assets Management Plans with due consideration of participatory approach and GESI requirements

    • Propose necessary legislative arrangements with appropriate strategies and plans


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