Our Culture

Our Culture

Provide opportunities for continuous learning and inspire

EI Maven’s training team, organizes the new-hire training program, work under experienced supervisors and develops classes to enhance employee skill sets. Specific topics are taught by various departments. We provide open working environment so that every employee are encouraged to discuss in any issue related to work at any time.


Cost Efficiency along with Reliability and Sustainability

EI Maven is committed to deliver cost effective solution to its customers without compromising Reliability and Sustainability.


Mantra to Deliver Quality Work

Every Employee is committed in 5P’s of professionalism which is essential for delivering quality services to our client.


Planning and acting according to plan is important for successful implementation of work. Run through following cycle as fast as you can for better result.


In organization, task will be always there but most successful organization knows there priority and act accordingly. Hence we prioritize each task and act/plan on it.


Consistently being on time is the product of proper planning, personal discipline, and a respect for other people’s time.
Making a habit of being late demonstrates none of these things and is often a sign of patchy priorities and selfishness. Habitual lateness says, “My time is more valuable than yours.”
Learn to be reliable and a person of integrity by adopting the discipline necessary to be on time.


Promptness to take actions on important and urgent works reflects the responsible and efficiency


Passion drives to take action towards goal which is the steps towards success.

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We have been providing value added services to foreign consulting firms from across the globe who may be interested to establish the business activities in Nepal.

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