21 Jan

Nupche Likhu Hydropower Project (57.5 MW) – Vertical Shaft Excavation In Progress

EI Maven Pvt. Ltd. has been engaged as Design, Project Management & Supervision consultant for the project Know more about the project

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14 Jan

Performing Geotechnical Investigation Works

EI Maven Team performing core drilling in left bank of Likhu Khola Hydropower Project (35MW) being developed by Pike Hydropower Pvt. Ltd. Data from core drilling will assure best opmtimum design of any proposed structures.

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30 Dec

Establishing DGPS Control Points for Topographic Survey

EI Maven Team Establishing control points using DGPS for Upper Nyasim (43MW) & Upper Nyasim a (21MW) Hydropower Project. Using DGPS for control point establishment is now a days know to be the most cost efficient way to achieve required accuracy in topographic survey works. EI Maven Pvt. Ltd. has been involved in the project as Main Consultant for Detail Engineering Design including Field investigations. Know More About the Project

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28 Dec

Headrace Tunnel Excavation in Progress – Lower Erkhuwa Hydropower Project (14.15 MW)

More than 1 km tunnel is excavated in the project. EI Maven Pvt. Ltd has been engaged as Detail Design & Design Support Consultant for the project. Know More About the Project

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27 Dec

Penstock Tunnel Excavation in Progress – Nupche Likhu Hydropower Project (57.5MW)

EI Maven Pvt. Ltd. has been engaged as Design, Project Management & Supervision consultant for the project Know more about the project

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25 May

Site Visit of Myagdi Hydropower Project (57.3MW)

Team of EI Maven Pvt. Ltd. along the international team has recently visited Myagdi Hydropower Project (57.3MW)

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28 Apr

Nupche Likhu Hydropower Project

Nupche Likhu Hydropower Project is Run of River project located in located in Umakunda Rural Municipality of Ramechhap district, Janakpur zone, Bagmati Province, Nepal. The project is being developed by Vision Energy & Power Pvt. Ltd. The Company has just awarded the contract for Consulting Services for the Construction Supervision and Management Work of Nupche Likhu Hydropower Project (57.5 MW) to EI Maven Pvt. Ltd.

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28 Apr

Site Verification of Jiri Dam and Arificial Lake by Team of Experts

The team of expert has just completed the site to verify its design at site. The proposed dam on Jiri River includes 38m high concrete dam gravity dam with crest length of 88.5m where top of crest is at 1834 masl which store 1,014,669.41 m3 water and creates surface area of  123,685.53 m2 along the length of 2.1 km upstream of the proposed dam. The another major component of the dam includes 5 nos. of gated (5mx6.5m

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