Nupche Likhu Hydropower Project (57.5 MW) – Consulting Services for Project Management & Construction Supervision

  • Project: Consulting Services for the Construction Supervision and Management Work of Nupche Likhu Hydropower Project (57.5 MW)
  • Client: Vision Energy and Power Pvt. Ltd
  • Location: Umakunda Rural Municipality, Ramechhap District, Bagmati Province, Nepal
  • Date: Ongoing

The project consist of providing Consulting Services for the Construction Supervision and Management Work of Nupche Likhu Hydropower Project (57.5 MW) and being developed by Vision Energy & Power Pvt. Ltd.

The Project is located in Umakunda Rural Municipality of Ramechhap district, Janakpur zone, Bagmati Province, Nepal. The source of water for the Project is originated from Nupche and Likhu Kholas which are snow fed Rivers starting from the High Mountain/Hilly areas. The proposed intakes of the Project are located north of Lahakshewar village in left bank of Nupche Khola with its weir crest level at an elevation of 3338 m amsl and the right bank of Likhu Khola with its weir crest level at an elevation of 3338 m amsl. Likewise, the powerhouse is located on the right bank of the Likhu Khola near Kongematar village with the turbine center line level fixed at 2334.50 m amsl. The gross head of the project is 1003.50 meter. The alignment of the waterways as so arranged that the water from Nupche Khola and Likhu Khola will meet at the tunnel junction. Thereafter, the combined discharge will pass through a single tunnel & a buried steel penstock followed by the steel lined vertical shaft and the steel lined penstock tunnel to the powerhouse to generate the 57.5 MW electric power. The beginning of the vertical shaft is at an elevation of about 2700 m which is located at Lahakshewar Village.

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Overall Services provided by firm

The scope of the consultancy services includes, but not limited to, following major activities:

  • Project Planning, Scheduling and Management before, during and after the construction.

  • Facilitation in procurement of hydro-mechanical and electromechanical works as per client’s requirement

  • Design Review, modify and provide approval of construction drawings based on the Detail Engineering Design.

  • Prepare detailed design and drawings of structural components in case of change in the layout, orientations, types of structures or any other changes due to any reasons

  • Contract Management including day to day Construction supervision and quality control of the construction work from start day to Defect Liability Period (DLP) of contractors and reporting to the client.

  • Preparation of Progress Reports

  • Review and finalize the operation and maintenance manual of all the components of the Project

  • Preparation of project completion report

  • Verification of As-Built drawings

  • Service during Defect Liability/Notification Period

  • Review contracts and provide necessary feedback

  • Provide recommendation periodically to meet RCOD considering field based subjective condition.

  • Prepare log of works on daily basis and report on monthly basis.

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