Detailed Engineering Design of Upper Nyasim Khola Hydropower Project (43 MW

  • Project: Detailed Engineering Design of Upper Nyasim Khola Hydropower Project (43 MW)
  • Client: Sindhu Jwala Hydropower Company Limited
  • Location: Jugal Rural Municipality, Sindhupalchowk District, Nepal
  • Date: Ongoing

The project consist of preparation of Detailed Engineering Design of Upper Nyasim Khola Hydropower Project (43 MW), carry out the construction planning and scheduling and preparation of drawings. The consultant has completed all the assignment as per ToR.

The proposed Upper Nyasem Khola Hydroelectric Project (43 MW) is located in Jugal Rural Municipality, Bagmati Province, Nepal. The project area can be reach through a gravel road from Balephi up to Ambakharka. Ambakharka is located at a distance of about 45 km from Balephi Bazaar which is located on Araniko Highway. Balephi bazaar is located about 72 km north from Kathmandu. Upper Nyasim Khola Hydropower Project is a run-of-river type of hydropower project and has installed capacity of 43 MW with design discharge of 5.87 m3/sec and rated net head of 838.79 m. The project is capable of delivering 242.65 GWh of energy annually to NEA grid 132kV substation at Barhabise Hub.

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Overall services provided by firm

The scope of services will include, but not be limited to, carrying out the following activities:

  • Review of previous feasibility study.

  • Field visit and Inception report

  • Field verification

  • Preparation of complete set of Tender documents of Civil, Hydro-mechanical, Electromechanical works

  • Detailed topographic survey of headwork site, pipe alignment and access roads wherever deemed necessary.

  • Preliminary powerhouse sizing, Powerhouse orientation and Layout finalization

  • Additional hydrological analysis, development of rating curve based on available measurement and stage data, low flow analysis and sediment study.

  • Review of previous geological study, additional surface mapping wherever deemed necessary, assessment of construction materials and its necessary lab tests, recommendation /supervision of additional geological investigation and drilling works.

  • Detailed Hydraulic Design, Structural Design and preparation of reinforcement drawing of the project components that include:

    1. Diversion weir with total length of 20 m Nyasem Khola with weir crest level of 2930 m above amsl.

    2. Sizing of Intake orifices (2 numbers of orifices each of size 3.6 m wide x 1 m high) and gravel trap (single duffer of size 5.5 m x 5.7 m) with an flushing channel

    3. Underground, Double chambered Settling Basin, each length 54 m, width 7 m, and total depth 5.7 m

    4. 27 m long Headrace Pipe before Forebay with 0.4 m diameter and 10 mm thickness

    5. Sizing tunnel (Excavation size 2.68 m x 2.6 m, inverted D-shaped 1.24 km Long).

    6. Forebay of size 32.6 m x (14-21.06) m

    7. 1.94 km long Headrace Pipe from Forebay to Surge shaft with 1.65 m diameter and (10-14) mm thickness

    8. 639 m long inclined Surge pipe with 2 m internal diameter.

    9. Optimization and design of Steel Penstock Pipe of length 1.65 km with (1.6-1.4) m internal diameter and (14-48) mm thickness

    10. Powerhouse surface type with provision of 3 units of Pelton turbines, Brushless Synchronous, Centre Line of Runner – 2032.00 m amsl.

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