22 Nov

Some Glimpses of Khimti 2 TL Project

[rl_gallery id="3367"] Some glimpses of transmission (132 kV) feasibility study activities for Khimti 2 Hydropower Project. The introduction of special Loop In Loop Out arrangement at middle of NEA 132 kV Transmission line to the project not only reduced the transmission line length by more than 80% (previously more than 10 km long 132 kV transmission line was proposed while new option will have less than 2 km in length) but also reduces the social

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05 Nov

Glimpses of Flood Mapping Activities in Bagmati Rivers

The hydrological studies of the Bagmati river for Bagmati Action Plan (BAP) has been carried out for its catchment and tributaries from the upstream river point at Baghdwar to downstream point at Katuwal Daha where EI Maven has been involved as one the JV members of consulting firm. The hydrological studies of the project focuses on study of 17 tributaries of Bagmati river. The available hydrological data of Bagmati river basin within the study area

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02 Nov

Presentation of Feasibility Study Report – Baglung-Beu-Narethati Road Tunnel Project

We are happy to submit the Final Feasibility Study Report of Baglung-Beu-Narethati Road Tunnel project and present its key features to our valued client (Team from Quality Research & Development Center (QRDC), Department of Roads, Ministry of Physical Infrastructure and Transport, Government of Nepal).

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26 Oct

Lower Erkhuwa Tunnel Lining in its Final Stage

After breakthrough of 2.53 km tunnel excavation in Lower Erkhuwa Hydropower Project, the final lining works is in full swing now. We are happy to share some of the photographs related to headrace tunnel final lining works. Proper execution of lining/support works as per site specific design is the key to long term stability as well as to ensure leakproof water tunnel. We, Energy and Infrastructure Maven Pvt. Ltd. has been engaged as Main Consultant

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20 Oct

Further Cost Optimization of Tower Using PLS Tower

In Nepal, standard contracts are used to execute/construct the transmission line where final design is to be carried out by the contractors with the preliminary tower schedule/design provided by the Employer. In such contracts, the variations in tower type after final design is the major issue where cost control is very challenging as normally, the project cost increases with heavy tower proposal from the contractor. So proper verification of proposed design by expert consultants are

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18 Oct

Some activities showing Geophysical Investigation for Baglung-Beu-Narethati Road Tunnel Project

Cable Layout Plan at Narethati Portal site Cable Layout Plan at Baglung Portal site Cable Layout and Data acquisition Cable Layout and Data acquisition Cable Layout and Hammering Cable Layout Our team has recently completed geophysical investigation for the Baglung-Beu-Narethati Road Tunnel Project at proposed portal locations and along the tunnel alignment as per the requirement which includes (ERT, SRT, MAM, and MASW). Information from geophysical/geotechnical investigation carried out by seasoned team is the key

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13 Oct

Some Glimpses of Powerhouse Construction of Nupche Likhu Hydropower Project (57.5 MW)

Powerhouse construction from excavation to crane beam level has been completed for Nupche Likhu Hydropower Project 57.5 MW. As of now, approximately 75% of the overall civil construction work for the powerhouse, including sub-structure and super-structure upto crane beam has been completed. Simultaneously, the construction of the Control Building and Tailrace culvert is in progress at the site. Energy and Infrastructure Maven Pvt. Ltd. has been engaged as Lead Consultant for Design, Project Management &

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21 Jan

Nupche Likhu Hydropower Project (57.5 MW) – Vertical Shaft Excavation In Progress

EI Maven Pvt. Ltd. has been engaged as Design, Project Management & Supervision consultant for the project Know more about the project

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14 Jan

Performing Geotechnical Investigation Works

Subsurface Information is Crucial for Design Optimization which can save millions and help enhance/assure the safety of the Project. Presenting some Geotechnical Worked performed by EIM Team for our values client P.K Hydropower Pvt. Ltd. The picture presents the team performing core drilling in left bank of Likhu Khola Hydropower Project (35MW).

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